What others are saying about Thrown Under The Bus

John R.
Quest for Justice

Thrown Under the Bus is the only book I have read about workplace harassment in the public sector and it's unbelievable what Teresa Zirerilli-Edelglass endured for years in her quest for justice. In my opinion she suffered emotional violence as she details mind numbing brutality just for pursing her career. No one should have to ...

Charlie Stutesman
Must Read!!! Incredible True Story

This should be required reading for all young adults entering the workforce. In today's world where Big Business is portrayed as evil monsters, Ms Zerilli-Edelglass's plight involved Big Government. The entity that is Of The People, By The People, and For The People failed one of their Own People. Not only did the New York City ...

E. J. Ludwig
There's Life After Catastrophe

Just finished reading this intriguing book. I spent so many decades in educational bureaucracies and in corporate bureaucracies, I was drawn to this book which categorizes the stagnant interpersonal world of the bureaucrats. The flavor of workplace harassment is beautifully captured as is the cronyism. The rigid dehumanized mindsets ...

Outstanding and compelling read!

I read this book in a night and a morning and could not put it down. This is a book that no-one can afford to ignore as this story is unlike anything you would have heard before. Ms Zerilli-Edelglas endured what most of us are too terrified to contemplate - she had become a bully's target in her place of work! Her hard work and ...

Shockingly Relatable and Fascinating Book

Do not pass this one by! Without a doubt, a well-written, fascinating and stunning read. It is an eye-opener.

As a government employee, I see many parallels in this book with what really goes on, in my experience. The sad fact of the matter is that there are ethics and there are "ethics" -- and the government workforce, for the ...

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