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A conviction of courage. A must read.

Thrown under the bus was a real eye opener for the reader. I could almost feel the passion the author had while she was writing this book. The trials and tribulations the author endured and overcame gives people who are dealing with the same injustices, the courage to fight. Well done, I would recommend this book to everyone without ...

Everyone Must Read This!!

An Amazing Story by an Amazing Lady!This is a story of fortitude faithfully penned by the author. This is also the story of a government entity abusing the powers as is so prevalent today. It is still very difficult to believe that this sort of treatment towards women is still practiced in modern day America!! The author, however, ...

We think we have bad days, well

I know this person very well and this book is intense, very well written, it made my hair stand up on my neck, we think we have bad days, well, read this book and it'll change the way you look at life totally !

Dian Marchese
Must Read

Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker
Extraordinary! This tale of 1 worker's catastrophic employment nightmare is a must read for everyone, male or female. She wasn't just let down by those at her job, but by the legal and medical professions as well. It's all there, in chronological order for all to easily ...

Jeff Chilton
Five Star

Great read. Amazing what a person can go through, and still have the ability to "illegetimi non carborundum".

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