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Melinda Hansen/TanteMin
I Couldn't Put It Down! A True Page Turner!

You won't believe the wild ride Ms. Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass was forced to navigate because of a corrupt and vicious pack of wolves a/k/a the "triangle of doom". Her fight for justice is both courageous and commendable.

Thrown Under the Bus: The Rise and Fall of an American Worker

It is a very well written book, Ms. Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass is passionate about what she does in life. She tells her story of work place harassment she endured while working for an employer with no regard for her personal well being. Teresa tells the frustrating account of dealing with the lawyers, doctors, and court system for her ...

L Vos
Conviction Courage and Comfort

A well written, vulnerable account, sharing a true story of terrible abuse in the workplace. From a woman who lived by her convictions, and took her courage in hand to pen this account, this book offers insight, understanding and empathy to anyone else needing to validate the truth of their own abuse in the workplace. An old addiage ...

Steven Tagliaferri
Great, Great Book!!!!!

This book gets straight to the heart of the mess which is known as the MTA. What this author had to endure is just plain wrong, yet it goes on in large companies every single day. Maybe by shedding light on this particular issue, it will help others that are struggling in similar situations. Great job Mrs. Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass.

Lisa Rogers
Great Read

This is a must read for anyone starting out in the business world, male or femaile....I found myself turning each page and shaking my head in disbelief and sadly having to admit that this nonsense still continues today in the workplace. The author showed steadfast courage in her fight for justice with an unfortunate price to pay. ...

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